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*Since Prof. LEE joined the PNU in 2017, he has written and published the own papers without collaborations, thus the LEE Lab’s original papers by himself and his students only. So, he believes that this is the only way for the PNU to get its originality internationally, and it is basis to say that this is from our own ability.


[J43] Sungsik Lee et al., Orthogonally-induced potential with current for trancitors  (in preparation): NRF.

[J42] Sungsik Lee et al., Activation Energy and Localization Length in Oxide TFTs (in preparation): NRF.

[J41] Sungsik Lee et al., Temperature and time-dependent instability mechanisms in disordered thin film transistors (in preparation): NRF.

[J40] D. Cha and Sungsik Leeet al., An Optimization Rule of the Synaptic Pass-Transistor for a Low Power Operation (to be submitted, *Corresponding author): Samsung and NRFs.

[J39]  Sungsik Lee, An Empirical Modeling of Gate Voltage-Dependent Behaviors of Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor Thin-Film Transistors with Considering Contact Resistance and Disorder Effects at Room Temperature (submitted): PNU 2-Year Grant for 2021-2022.

[J38]  Sungsik Lee, A Gate Bias and Temperature Dependencies of Contact Resistances in Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor Thin-Film Transistors (submitted): NRFs.IEEE TNNLS

[J37] Y. Kang, J. Jang, D. Cha, and Sungsik Lee*, Synaptic Weight Evolution and Charge Trapping Mechanisms in a Synaptic Pass-Transistor with a Direct Potential Output, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learining Systems (TNNLS), vol. 32, no. 10, Oct. 2021 (online view, *Corresponding author): Samsung and NRF.

Before 2020

[J36] J. Jang and Sungsik Lee*, A Fundamental Reason for the Need of two Different Semiconductor Technologies for Complementary Thin-Film crystals logoTransistor Operations, Crystals,  9(11), pp. 1-7, 17 Nov. 2019 (*Corresponding author): NRF.

[J35] Sungsik Lee, Bias-dependent Subthreshold Characteristics and Interface States in Disordered Semiconductor Thin-Film Transistors, Semiconductor Science andiop_physics_logo Technology, vol.34, no.11, pp.1-6, 1 Oct. 2019 (IoP: Institute of Physics, UK): PNU 2-Year Grant for 2019-2020 (link).

[J34] J. Jang and Sungsik Lee* et al., Thin-Film Optical Devices based on Transparent Conducting Oxides: Physical Mechanisms and Applications,crystals logo Crystals, 9(4), 192, 3 April 2019 (*Corresponding author): NRF and Samsung (link).

[J33] J. Bae, I. Jeong, and Sungsik Lee*, Wavelength-dependent Optical Instability Mechanisms and Decay Kinetics in Amorphous Oxide Thin-Film Devices, Scientific Reports, 9:2920, Feb. 27, 2019NRF and Samsung (*Corresponding author): pdf.SRP


[J32] Sungsik Lee, “A semiphysical current–voltage model with a contact ideality factor for disordered thin-film transistors,” springerlogoJournal of Computational Electronics, vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 1615-1620, 2018: PNU 2-Year Grant for 2017-2018.

[J31] Sungsik Lee, “A Missing Active Device—Trancitor for a New Paradigm ofmit t rIEEE Electronics,” IEEE Access, vol.6, pp. 46962-46967, 23 August 2018 (arXivMIT Tech Review, YouTube, IEEE Access): NRF.

[J30] Sungsik Lee et al., “Influence of Surface Energy and Roughness on Hole Mobility IEEEin Solution-Processed Hybrid Organic Thin Film Transistors,” IEEE Journal of the Electron Device Society, vol.7, pp. 653-657, May 2018: PNU Grant 2017 for 2017-2018 and NRF.

[J29] Sungsik Lee et al., “Dirac-Point Shift by Carrier Injection Barrier in Graphene Field-Effect Transistor Operation at Room Temperature,”acs ami ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol.10, pp.10618-10621, March 2018.

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Before 2011

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