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Five Representative Papers:

1. Sungsik Lee and Arokia Nathan, “Subthreshold Schottky-barrier Thin-Film Transistors with Ultralow Power and science-magazine-logoHigh Intrinsic Gain,” Science 354, 302, 21 Oct. 2016.

2. Sungsik Lee et al., “Transparent Semiconducting Oxide Technology for Touch Free Interactive Flexible Displays,” Proceedings of the IEEE 103, 664 (2015).

3. Sungsik Lee, “A Missing Active Device—Trancitor for a New Paradigm of Electronics,” IEEE Access, vol.6, pp. 46962-46967, 23 August 2018:IEEE Other contents related to this work can also be found in the followings:


4. Sungsik Lee et al., “Dirac-Point Shift by Carrier Injection Barrier in Graphene Field-Effect Transistor Operation at Room Temperature,” ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol.10, pp.10618-10621, March 2018.

5. Sungsik Lee et al., “Oxygen Defect-Induced Metastability in Oxide Semiconductors Probed by Gate Pulse Spectroscopy,” Scientific Reports 5, 14902 (2015).