Prospective Members


LEE연구실 대학원생 모집 안내 (기간만료됨)

Join us for future transistor physics research…

lee-lab-logoThe LEE lab at Pusan is always looking forward to having our new members, e.g. project students, Master and/or Ph.D students, who got ambitious and philosophical with interest in the areas of semiconductors and electronic devices for futuristic low power and low energy electronics.

Currently, we are looking for a graduate student (Master/PhD student) who is interested in the semiconductor device physics, theory, and modeling with starting the degree program with the next semester. So, the prospective students will need to be strong to the following subject areas: Engineering Mathematics (ideal), Electromagnetics (ideal), and Solid-State Physics (Mandatory) which are required to get ready be an outstanding thinker on future transistors. The main tasks which our students will conduct are as follows:

  • Literature review to find a new venue for a breakthrough in transistor research.
  • Physical theory development to explain mechanisms or phenomena, and Mathematical derivation of formula relevant to the theory.
  • Verification with experimental results if required.

Just bring your smart brain and thinking…

Our lab members will get a great opportunity to conduct a high-level research to be led to SCI journal publications while being based on our scientific leadership and professional exscience-magazine-logoperiences which are represented by our high impact publications including Science. This would help them get a scientific and academic job easily. Please visit the section ‘Research‘ for the details on our research, and see the ‘Collaborators‘ section.

Besides, the LEE members will get many exceptional opportunities to work with our collaborators, such as Cambridge university, UCL, famous industries, etc. Also, there would be many chances to attend conferences, e.g. IEEE IEDM and SID, where famous people like Samsung / LG CEO are coming to. 

Lastly, the LEE lab intends to be small and selective to choose our students, which means that we are not hiring many students because we are aiming to build the lab in a slow and solid way which is consistent with a way of the world standard in a famous university, leading to a long run as a small group with a focused / essential one or two projects only. At the same time, it means that our members who selected for our very limited positions will take all of privileges and opportunities which would be highly stable and solid in a long term. 

Be our member & Be proud of yourself…

If you are interested in being our new member, you may contact Prof. LEE via email at with attaching a CV / Resume where your GPAs of the key subjects, related to Math and Semiconductor Physics, are shown. Note that our Selection Criteria are listed below:

  • Overall GPA should be the eligible level defined by the PNU at least.
  • The GPAs of the key subjects related to Math, EM, and Semiconductor Physics have to be higher than A0 (We really don’t care about other subjects). Please email Prof. Lee at if you want to check your eligibility in term of your GPA, and if you think your GPA is slightly lower than our standard (e.g. B+) but you think you are good at the area related to semiconductor devices and physics.
  • Other official procedure and eligibility can be found at the application website of the PNU and here as well.