2021 onward

  • MSICTBRL (기초연구실 – 과학기술정보통신부 지정 & NRF 지원) – go to BRL Page
    • Title: Ultra-Low Power Synaptic Thin-Film Devices.
    • Duration: 3 years and can be extended with 3 years more.
    • Total amount of funds: 13.75억 for the first 3 years.nrf
    • Project Leader: Prof. Sungsik Lee.

2019 onward

  • Samsung Project (삼성반도체 산학협력과제):
    • Title: A Low Power Synaptic Transistor Design and Optimization.삼성로고
    • Duration: 3 years (until December 2021) and can be extended.
    • Total amount of funds: 1.8억.
    • Project Leader: Prof. Sungsik Lee.

2018 onward

  • MSICTNRF Project (신진연구과제):
    • Title: Ultralow power thin-film device and circuit design technologies.
    • Duration: 5 years (until February 2023).
    • Total amount of funds:  4억.nrf
    • Project Leader: Prof. Sungsik Lee.

2017 onward

  • Basic Research Project funded by Pusan National University (in every 2 years).pusan-logo
  • New Faculty Grant from Pusan National University (until March 2018).

2010 – 2017epsrc logoEU_and_7th_programme_logo

  • In this time period, Prof. Sungsik LEE was at UK (UCL and Cambridge University), performing over 20 projects including a big project with a huge grant, such as an EU project on technology development of conducting oxide semiconductor devices and modelling, and a UK’s EPSRC project on Graphene device technology developments.

Before 2010다운로드etri-logo

  • Several Internal Projects at KAIST on CMOS Image Sensors and related circuit design. ETRI가 개발한 터치센서용 칩(오른쪽)을 50원짜리 동전과 비교한 모습