News and Status

2021-10-01: Dr. Sekhar Reddy has joined the LEE Lab as a research fellow for the BRL.

2021-09-01: Fall semester begins.

2021-08-01: The iSem Fab (지능형 반도체 공정실) has been facilitated.

2021-06-01: The BRL Project has been started (homepage:

2021-05-26: Here is great news from the LEE Lab, which is that our BRL proposal has been accepted today. In this BRL project, Prof. LEE is playing the leading role in developing a fundamental technology for ultra-low power neuromorphic semiconductor devices. This means that, today, we have written a new page of the history with this-first-time-ever BRL of the EE department at PNU. So, we couldn’t be happier than this (related news: PNU Focus).

2021-05-14: Prof. Sungsik LEE gave a lecture for the Future AI Semiconductor Tutorial Program organized by the IKEEE.

2021-03-01: Spring Semester Begins.

2021-02-09: Our paper on Synaptic Transistors has been highlighted in the PNU Research Section.

2021-01-28: Prof. LEE became a directing committee member of the IKEEE.


2021-01-20: Our paper on Synaptic Transistors (authored only by the LEE Lab members), accepted to the IEEE TNNLS, has been published online.

TNNLS info

2021-01-01: Beginning of the New Year for ‘Oxen’ (2021년은 신축년).