Semiconductor Process (Fall)

Textbook: Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication, 2nd edition (Jaeger)sp

Evaluation: 100 = Final 100 (No Midterm)

About the lecture: In the SP lectures, graduate / undergraduate students will learn a deeper knowledge about semiconductor process technologies, such as lithography, diffusion, implantation, deposition, oxidation, metalization, etching, etc. Besides, the connection between the process and layout would be covered regarding the design of devices and circuits, and scaling-down for Moore’s law.

Lecture Contents: It is encouraged that students should buy the textbook of either the original one or translated one. Here, it should be excused in advance that the lecture slides to be used in the class cannot be distributed due to the license issue (Introduction slide download).

  1. Overview of Microelectronic Fabrication (Appendix 1)
  2. Lithography (Silicon lattice on directions, Silicon etching on directions)
  3. Thermal Oxidation of Silicon658710
  4. Diffusion (Appendix 2)
  5. Ion Implantation
    • Report 4
    • Special homework: submit one-page summary on limitations of the work shown in this paper related to ion implantation (download paper, deadline: 25 Nov. 2019)
  6. Film Deposition
  7. Interconnections and Contacts (note)
  8. Packaging and Yield (note)

Final Exam: Lecture time (2pm~) on 19 Dec. 2019.