We would like to do the declaration on the nature/ purpose of the LEE Lab and this website with the following statements:

  • The LEE Lab was created purely as a non-profit research group of the Pusan National University.
  • This website was designed purely for a non-profit research purpose of the LEE Lab.
  • Some of the contents are owned by the LEE Lab which have reserved all the rights (Copyright) but we are also happy to share them upon your non profit request (Email us).
  • Some of the contents are borrowed from outside (e.g. Wikipedia) and are shown only for a non-profit research purpose. Here, we have clearly shown where we borrowed from (sources).
  • The information of collaborators is shown based on their agreement with us.
  • If there is a potential to be a business in the future, we will get rid of any sensitive contents related to that unless we have already owned them.
  • If there is anything we have missed to get authorised, please Email us to advise us.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Prof. Sungsik LEE