2020 Archive

2020-12-25: Our original paper (which means our members did everything without collaborations with an external institution) on Synaptic Transistors has been formally accepted and in production as as regular paper for the publication of the IEEE TNNLS.

TNNLS info

2020-12-19: Overall Exam of the Semiconductor Engineering (SE) was held today, and its solution is here.

2020-09-01: Fall semester begins with teaching the semiconductor engineering (SE) for the 3rd year students.

2020-07-06: Summer holiday begins.

2020-07-04: Final exam of the EM-1 was held on 4 July 2020, and the solution is here.

2020-05-14: Prof. LEE won the prize called “New Research Awards (신진연구자상)” from PNU.

NRA 2020

2020-04-29: The translated book entitled ‘마이크로 집적 반도체 소자‘ published in April 2020, where Prof. Sungsik Lee did a role of the translator-in-chief.

2020-04-01: Prof. Lee interviewed with the magazine called “Monthly People” (link).

2020-03-16 ~ 06-27 (1학기 전체): 재택수업 기간 동안 온라인영상강의를 PLATO를 통해 실시함 (due to the COVID-19).


2020-03-22: Prof. Lee explains 4 steps on how to study for students: YouTube Link.

2020-03-16: Beginning of the spring semester of the academic year 2020.

2020-02-27: Kang’s revised manuscript has been submitted to the IEEE TNNLS.

2020-01-22: Kang and Cha attended the ICEIC 2020 at Spain, presenting their poster about the Synaptic transistor results (photo).

2020-01-06: BRL proposal submitted to the government (NRF).

2020-01-01: Beginning of the New Year for the White Rat (2020년은 경자년, 하얀 쥐띠의 해).