2019 Archive

2019-12-31: Winter holiday begins.

2019-12-25: Merry Christmas and Happy Near Year for Everyone!

학생 여러분, 이번 학기도 너무 고생 많았고 열심히 해주어 고맙습니다. 제가 강의한 반도체 관련 과목들을 수강한 학생들에게 특히 고맙게 생각합니다. 시험 점수와 학점은 여러분의 지식의 척도가 아니라 정형화된 틀일 뿐입니다. 그러니 저런 것들로인해 실망하지 말기를 바랍니다. 애플 CEO였던 스티브 잡스는 잠시 다녔던 대학에서의 전공 조차도 전자공학과는 전혀 무관한 것을 공부했었지만, 훗날 세계최고의 전자 기업인 애플의 창업자이자 CEO가 되어 혁명적인 전자기기로 우리의 삶을 완전히 바꿨습니다. 아마도 스티브 잡스에게는 학교라는 틀이 필요없을 만큼 어마어마한 잠재력이 있었던 것이겠죠. 학업성적은 그저 최소한의 참고사항이고, 최대한은 여러분의 무한한 잠재력입니다. 졸업을 앞둔 4학년 학생들의 앞으로의 진로에 밝은 빛이 비춰지길 기원하며, 재학생들은 훌륭한 전자공학도가 되기 위해 남은 시간동안 열심히 학업에 전념하여 최소한의 지식을 쌓고 잠재력을 키우시길 바랍니다. 여러분 모두의 미래에 무한한 가능성이 잠재되어 있음을 잊지말길 바랍니다. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 감사합니다.

2019-12-22: Result Table of SE 2019 is shown here (protected with the same PW as the lecture page).

2019-12-21: Exam solution of SE 2019.

2019-12-20: Table of Results of SP 2019.

2019-12-19: Exam solution of SP 2019.

2019-12-13: Exam-4 Score Table of DE.

2019-12-12: Final exam solution of DE.

2019-12-11: Information of the final exam of SE:

  • Date: 21 Dec 2019 (check this link for your exam room).
  • No calculator, but a 2-page-cheating paper allowed.

2019-11-17: Paper by Jiung Jang has been published at the journal called Crystals – congratulations!

2019-10-26: Solution of the Midterm exam of SE is here.

2019-10-26: Midterm exam of SE is to be held on Saturday, 26 Oct. 2019, at Room 9405 and 9406 (check this file).

2019-10-20: Report 1 of SE has been assigned (see the lecture page for more details).

2019-08-04: Prof. Sungsik Lee created the semiconductor terminology dictionary based on the website at https://sites.google.com/view/semi-terms.

2019-07-10: Prof. LEE’s Lecture evaluation scores of both EM1 and ASPD =  4.92 / 5.0

2019-06-19: Score Table of the Final Exam of ASPD is here.

2019-06-19: Final Exam of ASDP is to be held on 2pm, Wednesday, 19 June 2019 in the room 501 (same place of lectures).

2019-06-15: EM-1 Student Score Table is here (PW is the same as the lecture page).

2019-06-15: Solution of the Final Exam of EM-1 is here.

2019-06-15: Final Exam of Electromagnetics 1 is to be held on 2pm, Saturday, 15 June 2019 in the rooms 8405 (9:00 수업반) and 8404 (10:30 수업반).

2019-06-04: Solution of Report 2 assigned in EM-1 is here.

2019-05-10: Prof. Lee is serving the guest editor of the journal Crystals for the special issue on “Advances in thin film materials and devices“.

2019-04-13: Solution of the Midterm Exam of Electromagnetics 1 is here.

2019-04-13: Midterm Exam of Electromagnetics 1 is to be held on 2pm this Saturday (2019-4-13) in the rooms 8405 (9:00 수업반) and 8404 (10:30 수업반).

2019-03-27: Our journal paper (First author: Jiung Jang) has been accepted to be published in the journal called Crystals.

2019-03-07: Professor’s tip on the relationship between a wave equation and wave (or wave function). In conclusion, they are an equation and solution, respectively (방정식과 해의 관계). An equation is by definition a mathematical expression with variables. For example, Schroedinger’s wave equation is an equation to find a wave. Here, the wave (or wave function) is the solution of the wave equation. As another example, an EM wave equation is an equation while the wave is the solution of it. More generally, an equation as a function of ‘x’ can be called ‘x-equation’, where x is the variable and to be given as the solution of that equation after solving.

2019-03-04: Spring semester of the year 2019 starts.

2019-02-28: Prof. LEE received an outstanding research award from the BK-21 Plus due to a recognition of his research excellence in terms of papers and projects.

2019-02-01: Our journal paper (First author: J. Bae) has been accepted to be published in Nature’s Scientific Reports.

2019-01-22 / 01-23: Prof. LEE gives lectures on the MOSFET theory at IDEC winter school.

2019-01-18: Samsung Project officially starts for its first year.

2019-01-10: Prof. LEE’s Lecture evaluation scores of both EM2 and SE =  4.86 / 5.0

2019-01-01: New Year 2019 of the Golden Pig (기해년).

2019-01-01: Group photos updated in our gallery and facebook.