2018 Archive

2018-12-22: Finishing the fall semester of the year 2018.

2018-12-22: FYP Final Seminar at 10am, Room 501.

2018-12-16:  Final Score table of EM-2 has been published here. So, please check your score.

2018-12-16: Final Score table of SE has been published here. So, please check your score.

2018-12-15: Solutions of Final Exam of each subject as listed below:

2018-12-14: Final exam rooms for EM-2 and SE have been fixed (the same as Midterm), so check your room from the links listed below:

  • EM-2 Final Exam room: click here.
  • SE Final Exam room: click here.

2018-12-10: Study philosophy for students:

what and how to understand

2018-12-10: EM-2 Lecture slide for today has been revised with fixing typos.

2018-12-08: Score table of EM-2 has been published here. So, please check your score.

2018-12-07: Score table of SE has been published here. So, please check your score.

2018-11-30: Synaptic Transistor Project with Samsung has been confirmed to start.


2018-11-06: Solution of the Report 2 of the EM-2 is to be found here.

2018-11-05: MOSFET Demo video to be shown here.

2018-10-31: Here is the full version of the Smith Chart for Report 2 of the EM-2.

2018-10-27: Solution of Midterm Exam of EM-2 is to be found here.

2018-10-27: Midterm Exam Rooms of EM-2 have been assigned to each student – click here.

2018-10-20: Solution of Midterm Exam of SE is to be found here.

2018-10-20: Midterm Exam Rooms of SE have been assigned to each student – click here.

2018-10-08: Today, we will have important lectures of EM-2 and SE, respectively. Here, Report 1 will be assigned for each subject with the due date of 15 Oct. EM-2 lecture will ingeniously cover the TML, and SE lecture will cover the fundamental of PN junction diode current and theories. So, you guys don’t miss it.

2018-09-28: Demo video on Forward-biased PN Junction has been created by Prof. LEE, which is helpful for the lecture on SE on 8 Oct 2018. And this is on Facebook page as well as Youtube channel of the LEE Laboratory.

2018-09-27: The lecture note of the SE used on September 17 has been revised with a correct definition of the ionized donor density on page 25.

2018-09-26: Prof. LEE’s paper entitled “A Semi-physical Current-Voltage Model with a Contact-Ideality Factor for Disordered Thin Film Transistors,” has been accepted for publication in Springer’s Journal of Computational Electronics.


2018-09-25: Demo video on Fermi Level Alignment at PN Junction has been created by Prof. LEE, which is a supplementary for the Lecture of SE on 1 Oct 2018. And it is on Facebook page as well as Youtube channel of the LEE Laboratory.

2018-09-24: Lecture note for the lecture on 1 Oct. of the SE has been uploaded here. You guys can take a look in advance. Have a great holiday of the Thanksgiving day, and see you on following Monday next week.

And One more thing is the attached figure on teaching philosophy quoted from the Bill WardsHe said that ordinary teachers can tell, explain, and demonstrate, but a great teacher inspires you. This is exactly what I am trying to be. Take a look at the full quote seen below:

Quote from William Ward

2018-09-21: Prof. Sungsik Lee’s original paper on “Trancitor” has been published in a prestigious journal – the IEEE Access (pdf).

2018-09-17: Prof. Sungsik Lee received the Best Teacher Award 2018 from PNU EE (supported and created by PNU EE Alumni Association).

2018-09-14: Professional equipment to test semiconductor devices: KEITHLEY with Probe Station has been set-up at the LEE lab (room 8408). Visit the lab gallery and see the photo below:

k and ps

Keithley with Probe Station

2018-09-10: This week’s lecture of SE is very important and essential to understanding the QM and SWE – don’t miss it. Besides, the lecture of EM-2 will also be important to clearly understand the displacement current to modify the Ampere’s law for the magnetic field with time-variance. So, you guys should attend it. (Bonus: 노벨 물리학상 수상자 ‘파인만’이 전하는 천재들의 공부법)


2018-09-02: Today is the first day of the Fall semester. See you guys in the lectures of EM-2 (9am, 8404) and SE (1:30pm, 8404), respectively. Good luck with your new semester.

2018-08-08: 전자공학 입문을 위한 기초지식 TOP 10 모음.

2018-08-07: Professor’s message to Students of EM2 and SE posted on the lab Facebook page.

2018-07-15: Lecture page of SE created for the Fall Semester of 2018 (use the same PW as the EM-2 or EM-1).

2018-07-14: Lecture page of EM-2 refurbished for the Fall Semester of 2018.

2018-07-13: Lecture evaluation score of EM-2: 4.95/5.0.

2018-06-26: Summer vacation starts with finishing the spring semester.

2018-06-18:Trancitor” proposed by Prof. Sungsik LEE is found on Wikipedia:

trancitor on wiki

2018-06-17: Total Score Sheet of EM-1 has been announced here (use the same Password of the lecture page).

2018-06-16: Solution of the Final Exam of the EM-1 can be found here.

2018-06-16: LEE Lab Facebook Page has been launched today – now you can follow us.

2018-06-15: Final Exam of EM-1 to be held on 2pm, this Saturday (June 16), and Check out this file on Exam Room for each Student.

2018-06-09: Report Average and Midterm Exam Scores of EM-1 has been announced here (use the same Password as the lecture page).

2018-06-08: Solution of Report-3 of EM-1 is here.

2018-05-24: Our work on ‘Missing Active Device‘ has been reported in MIT Technology Review, which is one of the most prestigious online magazines where the 10-breakthrough-technology is announced annually (see also the PNU focus, and YouTube clip).

mit t r

2018-05-23: Today, another important lecture of EM-1 is to be given on the Ampere’s law and basic of Curl, so don’t miss it. Here, the Curl is one of the most difficult concepts in the magnetic field theory, so we will try to understand it 100%.

2018-05-21: Today, a very important lecture of EM-1 is to be given on the magnetic field’s laws (B-S’s law and Ampere’s law) with my unique demonstrations, so don’t miss it. The magnetic field is the main enemy which makes students feel difficult about the EM. So, this lecture will break it.

2018-05-08: Our journal paper on Organic Semiconductor Physics has been accepted to the IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society.

2018-04-28: Ceremony for the 50th Anniversary of the PNU EE.

2018-04-25: EM-1 lectures on April 25 to be cancelled due to my business trip.

2018-04-21: Midterm Exam Solution.

2018-03-20: Our journal paper on Physics of Graphene transistors just accepted to one of the world top journals – ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (Top 5% in JCR ranking).

2018-03-13: Web-page opened for the Undergraduate Final Year Project (FYP).

2018-03-05: Lecture of the EM-1 begins in this semester.

2018-03-02: Spring semester of 2018 starts.

2018-02-28: Lecture page of EM-1 refurbished for the new Spring Semester of 2018.

2018-02-23: LEE lab starts the NRF project (신진연구과제) for 5 years (see Projects section).

2018-02-16: Korean Lunar New Year.

2018-02-14: LEE lab got the Fantastic news from NRF (link).

2018-02: Prof. Sungsik Lee has joined the BK-21 Plus Program.

2018-02: 4 papers have been submitted to SCI Journals and now under review  (see Journal publication).

2018-01-12:  Our paper has been published in IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society in collaboration with Cambridge University (see Journal publication).

2018-01: Lecture evaluation score of EM-2: 4.99 / 5.0.

2018-01: New Year of the Golden Dog.