2017 Archive

2017-12: Finishing the Fall Semester and Having Exams of EM-2 and DE.

2017-10-27: Prof. Sungsik Lee wrote the article on ‘10 Key Scientific Paradigm Shifts‘ in his Blog.

2017-10-21: Midterm Exam of EM-2 to be held on 2pm, Sat, 21 Oct 2017 (Notice, Problems and Solutions).

2017-10-19: Prof. Sungsik Lee wrote the article on ‘Zero-to-One vs. One-to-Ten‘ in his Blog.

2017-10-11: An important lecture of EM-2 to be given for Midterm Exam. So, all the students better attend this.

2017-09-21: Prof. Sungsik Lee selected as the awardee of ‘Best Teaching Award‘ from the KSEE (Korean Society for Engineering Education).


2017-09-07: The LEE Lab’s participation into the PNU-EE graduate student recruit – Open Lab.

2017-09-04: Fall semester started with teaching the subjects – Electromagnetics 2 (whole semester) and Display Engineering (weeks 11 to 15).

2017-08: A paper on a new device and respective paradigm of electronics submitted to a renown journal.

2017-08: The PNU-EE faculty summer workshop 2017 at Kangwon.


2017-06: Spring Term finished and Summer Vacation started.

2017-04: 2 collaborative papers with Cambridge University submitted to renown Journals.

2017-03: Prof. Sungsik Lee started teaching the subject – Electromagnetics 1.

2017-03: The LEE Laboratory established by Prof. Sungsik Lee.

2017-03: Prof. Sungsik Lee joined PNU-EE as a faculty member.

2016-10: Prof. Sungsik Lee’s Science paper reported by Korean News Media.


2016-10: Prof. Sungsik Lee published his paper in Science.

Previously: Prof. Sungsik Lee studied at KAIST for his master degree and subsequently joined ETRI as a researcher. And he received his Ph.D. degree from UCL, UK (Note that the UCL has become the world wide centre for the deep machine learning as the origin of Alpha-Go that Dr. Hassabis initiated during his Ph.D. at UCL). After that, Prof. Lee went onto become a research associate at Cambridge University, UK.