The LEE Laboratory for Advanced Semiconductor Research

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Welcome to the LEE Laboratory, where was established in 2017 by Prof. Sungsik LEE for being a worldwide research center of “Advanced Semiconductor Devices and related Physics“. The LEE lab is also the birthplace of the Trancitor which was first conceived by Prof. Sungsik LEE in 2018. Aiming for ground-breaking advanced research in semiconductors, we also welcome international and domestic collaborations

Based on our scientific foundation reflected in his professional career and Publications, the LEE lab is working on the various Research Areas, such as a new synaptic device, a totally-new device (e.g. Trancitor), low-energy electronics, and related semiconductor device physics, being worked out by our People, including our Members and Collaborators while performing respective Projects funded by the Government (NRF) and Industry (Samsung).

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